What you must do to keep your car in top form

Photo credit: Radbone Clark

The car market in Kenya is quite vibrant. The number of cars that are bought locally and those directly imported keep increasing, creating a consistent demand for related products and services.

Whether a reconditioned or a brand new unit, the purchase of a car is one of the heaviest investments an individual or household can make. As such, it should serve its purpose well and for a long period of time. That means putting in adequate care to protect it from the daily wear and tear, and to maintain its performance at an optimal level.

It begins at a personal level – understanding the elements that require regular care, and the kind of products to use.

Taking care of your car involves three key activities: Engine care, exterior care, and interior care. Exterior and interior care, also known as auto detailing, ensures that the car maintains its aesthetic form, while engine care is about keeping the car running efficiently.

With exterior care, the products to use will depend on the colour of the car and the kind of finish desired. Products in this segment include shampoos, polishes, waxes, and tyre care items. The purchase should be determined by the use, whether home or commercial, and the desired finish, whether shine or matt.

Under interior care, products to consider are those that will maintain the dashboard and seats, and other parts of the cabin. To enhance the interior feel as well, car fresheners and disinfectants can be added. The products vary according to the preferred scent and end finish desired, whether gloss or matt. Microfibre cloths are recommended for doing both exterior and interior care, to achieve the desired results

Engine care includes a variety of products that will maintain the performance of the engine at peak level. Products to consider include coolants, engine cleaners, and others of such kind.

Importantly, in all these, go for quality items. For instance, the Shield brand is reputed for a wide range of superior car care products and accessories. The brand combines expertise, experience, passion, and innovation to deliver car care products for cleaning and protecting vehicles against harsh elements of weather and general wear and tear.

Because your car does a lot for you, it is only fair that you treat it well with quality care and maintenance products.


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