Prof Makau Mutua doesn’t add any value

 Raila Odinga and Makau Mutua

Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga (right) confers with Prof Makau Mutua at an event in Nairobi on March 23, 2022.

Photo credit: Jeff Angote | Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • Reading Makau’s articles is like reading Junet Mohamed’s or James Orengo’s articles.
  • Motoring columnist Gavin Bennett's portrait of a forlorn and out-of-touch person is not appealing.

I think Josphat Muindi is wrong to compare writers like Kennedy Chesoli, Eric Ng’eno, Karuti Kanyinga, and Gitau Warigi with Makau Mutua (“Prof Mutua is just what we need”, Readers Have Their Say, May 6, 2022). Makau is a player in Azimio, Raila’s lapdog. He’s like Junet Mohamed. Even if he sees Raila with [soiled], he will not say a word about that. 

He won’t even point it out to Raila, for fear of losing his job. The others are like fans. They may be pro or anti Ruto and Raila. But they won’t gain personally from their win. Nor are they in the politicians’ pay. So you would expect people to at least read their arguments, even if they disagree. Readers of Makau will depend on which side one is. I no longer read Makau’s articles. It’s like reading Junet’s or Orengo’s. They don’t add any value.

– Anthony Nderitu


Bennett needs to change portrait

Replacing JM Baraza of “Car Clinic” (DN2 Motoring) with writer Gavin Bennett, is quite exhilarating. He hits the nail on the head and answers questions intelligently. But his portrait of a dejected person, forlorn and out-of-touch person is not appealing. The writer should hung down this portrait. Gerry Loughran (of “Letter from London” column) had a similar marketing issue and the Editor did the obvious. Image is paramount.

– Joseph Rukwaro


Coverage of foreign news is biased

The Daily Nation has leaned so far to the left with its international reporting. Your news supplier AFP is a far left news organisation and its reporting, especially of former President Donald Trump and the conservative movement, is biased. Readers need to know the truth. We live in a digital era and we know when media outlets are biased.

Richard Njoroge


What happened to attribution?

The article by Douglas Kiereini, “The multiple facets of Alabama’s Tuskegee city” (Business Daily, May 6-8 , 2022) is a good read. However, I think it’s almost impossible to write such an article without reference to some material. I say this with due respect to Mr Kiereini. He didn’t mention any sources that he may have used to write the article. I think it’s called attribution.

– Githuku Mungai


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