Mega projects and hollow men: what $50 bn can do to a nation

What you need to know:

  • The disconnect between the State and society is manifested in the domain of development, a disconnect that devolution is bringing to fore quite often these days.
  • The idea that structures can transform a country is a delusion of an intellectually and morally bankrupt State elite.
  • We have plenty of experience. At independence, they promised utopia. Undelivered. Multiparty came and they promised democracy and good governance. Undelivered.
  • A new generation of Kenyans is now learning its political lessons. Digital development was never going to be delivered (even digital freedom is not guaranteed).

In June 1997, fierce fighting broke out in Brazzaville, Congo, between government troops and a militia loyal to military strongman Dennis Sassou-Nguesso.


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