Careful; Uhuru is no lame duck

President Uhuru Kenyatta takes part in a virtual meeting from State House, Nairobi.

Photo credit: File | PSCU

What you need to know:

  • A “lame duck” is a double whammy — a redundancy that emphasizes the futility of the subject of description.
  • Politically, it’s a reference to an elected politician who has entered his or her sunset, the twilight of their power and career.
  • Mr Kenyatta’s lame-duck status started as soon as they were sworn into office in 2013.

The words “lame” and “duck” aren’t flattering. “Lame”, when used in reference to a person or animal, denotes feebleness or inability to walk normally. “Duck” refers to the bird with “webbed” feet-like paddles that force it to “waddle” instead of being able to walk. It’s not a pretty sight.


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