Stop needlessly fighting governors and deputies

Nearly nine months since the last elections, all is not well in some of the 47 counties with leadership wrangles hampering the implementation of campaign pledges.

In a few of them, fights have raged from the word go between the members of the county assembly and the governors or deputy governors.

The MCAs have an important role play in making specific laws for the devolved units and working with the executive to deliver the goods. It is, therefore, quite disappointing that they seem rather obsessed with seeking financial gain, thus engaging in needless fights with governors and their deputies.

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza had a big scare as MCAs ganged up against her but she eventually survived the onslaught. It was mainly due to the oversight role of the Senate, which, in siding with her, sent a strong signal to the ward representatives that time and resources should not be expended on needlessly fighting the county bosses.

Although she was literally saved by the Senate, however, Governor Mwangaza and several of her colleagues are reportedly at risk of being impeached as the circus continues. 

In Siaya County, the MCAs have just impeached Deputy Governor William Oduol, ostensibly following his fallout with Governor James Orengo. One would have expected Governor Orengo and his deputy to easily sort out their differences. However, when this is not possible, something has to give. 

The huge majority vote by Siaya MCAs to impeach DG Oduol makes a mockery of the fact that this was a joint election campaign ticket. But soon afterwards, the two may have realised that they could not work together despite having campaigned jointly, selling a common agenda.

During the Jubilee administration, there were two successful impeachments of governors. In some of the cases, deputy governors, hoping to automatically inherit the mantle, have been fingered in sinister plots against their bosses.

To curb such fallouts and bitter fights, perhaps the Constitution should be amended to outline the duties and responsibilities of DGs, who often find themselves idle and earn salaries for doing absolutely nothing after falling out with their bosses. Or require that impeachment send home both officials.