Trap and fry quelea birds wreaking havoc on Ahero rice fields

Quelea birds on Narok a wheat field in Narok.

No-nonsense CS • Moved by the outpouring of grief on the sudden death of former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha, Mwangi Wanjohi says many have shown some “amazing love for the man”, adding: “It’s very clear that we love dedicated, astute and no-nonsense leaders.” Ironically, the same Kenyans keep on tolerating mediocrity, especially among elected leaders. His contact is [email protected]


Magoha legacy • As Kenyans mourn former Education CS Magoha, Ruth Gituma says she will always remember him as an outspoken and exemplary public servant who wore “impeccable suits”. As the man who drove the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), she adds, he has left a big mark on it that will only be matched by a few. “Fare thee well, Prof Magoha!” Her contact is [email protected]


Vandals • The money and time used by the Nairobi City County to beautify the area around Nyayo House and KCB’s branch on Kenyatta Avenue has literally gone down the train as street boys have invaded and made it dirtier, says Ben Murithi. “Kindly, do remove them before they destroy everything that you started, if you really care about the city.” His contact is [email protected]


Unholy smoke • Residents of the Magiwa and Ngommo areas of Nairobi are up in arms over the smoke emanating from Mbagathi Hospital at night, reports David Ngumi. He’s curious about what is always being burnt and why. “Can Nema investigate and come up with their own findings instead of expecting the people to provide the evidence to it?” His contact is [email protected]


Bird manna • The quelea and weaverbirds wreaking havoc on Ahero Irrigation Scheme in the Kano plains, Kisumu County, are edible, notes Opiyo Oduwo. “Trap and fry them for food; they are a delicious godsend. The Agriculture ministry should seek an environmentally friendly method of catching them. Chemical spraying will poison the environment, with disastrous effects.” His contact is [email protected]

Have an edible day, won’t you!


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