Transport ministry has failed to stop matatus from exploiting travellers


Matatus line up along Accra Road in Nairobi to pick students who are travelling back to various schools on January 5, 2021 2021 when the institutions reopened.

Photo credit: Jeff Angote | Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • Port Victoria is increasingly becoming a popular domestic tourism attraction.

Matatu fares • The Transport ministry has totally failed to stop matatu owners from exploiting travellers, especially during the rush when schools reopen, laments Chris Kiriba. “It’s even more ridiculous for Matatu Owners Association members to raise fares after assuring the Transport Cabinet Secretary that they will not. Matatus, like any other industry, need regulation.” His contact is


Port Victoria • Port Victoria is increasingly becoming a popular domestic tourism attraction in Busia County, but spoiling some of the fun is the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), which has failed to ensure a smooth ride, moans Jim Webo. “There are numerous potholes that need to be patched up instead of waiting to rebuild the entire road. Why can’t KeNHA entrench a maintenance culture?” he wonders.


Pension • Two widows of a police officer have been chasing his pension since he died in July 2015. Gladys Linet Okello and Catherine Milka Awinja and their three children have, following the death of Charles Barasa Nayema (Kenya Police, FN 72907), tried in vain to get the dues paid. “We’re often told ‘the system is down, come back next month’. Who will help us out?” Their contact is


Constitution • There are three key issues Gitonga Ndirangu believes Kenyans would fully support in constitutional amendments. “One is a health system paid for by the Exchequer for all, the second is free education for all children to any level, and finally, feeding all the most venerable in the society. Even if taxation was 50 per cent, we would still be a better society.” His contact is


Eastern Bypass • Danger is lurking on the Eastern Bypass opposite Tononoka Steel Company at Embakasi, Nairobi, warns Dr Omija TB. Says he: “Someone needs to quickly remove the damaged lamppost lying on the road because if a motorist were to lose control and ram its sharp, protruding end...” The possible chilling outcome has been gnawing at his conscience. His contact is

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