Kenyans must embrace phone etiquette

phone ettiquette

Kenyans should nurture a culture of speaking in low tones on their phones.

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Road safety • While construction of roads is a milestone in development and a source of convenience, Njeri Njuguna is unhappy about some missing key features. Says she: “I’m baffled that the roads have no cat’s eyes or reflectors, both key safety devices on tarmac roads that help to save lives. We have an internationally acclaimed firm that makes reflectors using waste materials.” Her contact is [email protected]


Shoddy work • Nearly three weeks since Thika Water Company workers dug a trench at the roundabout leading to Thika Town to repair a burst water pipe, it has yet to be filled, Bimal Shah moans. “Motorists are now forced to use the wrong side of the road to enter and leave that section, causing traffic jams.” Residents’ complaints have fallen on deaf ears. His contact is [email protected]


Freedom • It was amazing to see the hoi polloi taking selfies as the military cortege ferrying President Mwai Kibaki’s body moved from Lee Funeral Home to Nyayo National Stadium, Nairobi, says Kamichore Mutindira. “At the Haile Selassie Avenue roundabout, the convoy moved elegantly with KDF officers marching. Kibaki relished media freedom even in his death.” His contact is [email protected]


Failure • Waxing historical, Brian Maitai says that some 108 years ago, major European powers fought over the skies in wood, wire and canvas planes called biplanes. In 1957, Russia put up a satellite in space called Sputnik. “But 100 years after the Great War, Kenya still obtains grain from Ukraine and Russia, which face six months of snow in a year. Shame!” His contact is [email protected]


Etiquette • Phone etiquette is something that Njeeri Njuguna has, to her utter disappointment, found largely missing in the conduct of many fellow Kenyans, and it often presents itself in their bad manners and peculiar behaviour. Says she: “Kenyans should, kindly, nurture a culture of speaking in low tones on their phones. There is peace in silence, guys.” Her contact is [email protected]

Have a cultured day, won’t you!


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