Kang’ata: Proverbial mourner who wails the loudest

Murang'a Senator and Senate Majority Chief Irungu Kang'ata. 

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Kang’ata and BBI • Senate Majority Chief Whip Irungu Kang’ata “is the proverbial mourner who wails louder than the bereaved”, remarks Robert Mukirae, in response to his BBI findings. “BBI’s rejection is just part of the Mt Kenya region’s deep disenchantment with Jubilee. To many, the economic woes bedevilling the region are of more concern than BBI and the ‘handshake’.” His contact is robertmukirae2@gmail.com.


Sonko woes • Some unsolicited advice for impeached Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko from Taabu Tele is that he should borrow a leaf from former Kiambu boss Ferdinand Waititu and shun populist hubris, “lest he continues to dig himself into the cemetery of political irrelevance”. He adds: “Sonko flew too close to the sun in his waxed political wings. He should now seek muted advice.” His contact is taabu.tele@mail.com.


Fuliza • Safaricom’s new ‘Fuliza’ lending is killing M-Pesa, warns university don X.N. Iraki, adding: “Lots of Kenyans don’t want to be paid through M-Pesa because they have ‘Fulizad’. It seems this innovation is becoming a victim of its own success. It also shows the extent to which Kenyans have borrowed money, perhaps because of Covid-19. Over to you, Safaricom!” His contact is xniraki@gmail.com.


Covid restrictions • Enabling foreigners to visit for tourism, conferences, and sports ensures that the country is not isolated, says Alnashir Walji. “The restrictions over the Covid-19 outbreak, terrorism and other threats only retard development. With the advent of advanced technology, communication is eased and enhanced. In 2021, we need to pull up our socks!” His contact is alnashirdwalji@yahoo.com.


Free calendars • The fact that many companies and other organisations no longer make and distribute calendars is, to Francis Njuguna, proof that all is not well. “They used to produce many as a way of advertising their businesses. The Christmas and New Year festivities would be flooded with calendars. This was not the case this time around. It is not business as usual.” His contact is osnjuguna@yahoo.com. 

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