Don’t invest too much emotionally in voting

A woman casts her ballot 2017 repeat presidential election

A woman casts her ballot on October 26, 2017 in the repeat presidential election.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Polls • As August 9 polling day approaches, university don XN Iraki has a word of advice. Says he: “My fellow countrymen and women don’t invest too much emotionally in voting. The sun will still set to the west and the growing season will not become shorter. Voting is easy. Turning round the economy is not that easy. We must work and vote soberly and wisely.” His contact is [email protected].


Speech • In the last few days of the countdown to the elections, Ruth Gituma is urging the “politicians to tone down their emotive words, especially those that border on hate speech”. They, she adds, should not forget that there are laws, which protect everyone. “I think they have short memories, considering the ethnic violence of 2007 or they just don't care.” Her contact is [email protected].


Pledges• With election campaigns nearly ending, the candidates are giving voters all manner of promises to get elected, says Thomas Yebei. “Gullible Kenyans easily buy these and elect the wrong leaders. We should have a law that criminalises false electoral promises and those who win and fail to deliver should be charged with fraudulent acquisition of power.” His contact is [email protected].


Lee • Reading the serialisation in the Nation of an upcoming book titled, Presidents’ Pressman: A memoir by Lee Njiru, has been enjoyable, says Jotham Ndung’u. He adds: “It’s always amazing thing to see retired government officials penning their memoirs full of rich details. I can't wait to lay my hands on a copy. I hope others will follow in Mr Njiru's footsteps.” His contact is [email protected].


Trees • Every driver, Mwangi Karuga notes, “struggles to park his or her car under that available tree shade but none struggles to plant a tree or two”. He poses: “Why not buy a seedling and plant it? If we would all did that, the environment would be beautiful and we would have a cool atmosphere.” He can't help reiterating the need to plant more trees. His contact is [email protected].     

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