Death of ‘Sir’ Charles Njonjo marks the end of an era

Sir Charles Njonjo

Former Attorney General the late Charles Njonjo.

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‘Sir’ Charles • The death of ‘Sir’ Charles Njonjo marks the end of an epoch, says Robert Mukirae. “He was urbane, suave and an unapologetic Anglophile. The proverbial colossus in the Jomo Kenyatta and early Daniel arap Moi regimes dispensed largesse and sanctions with ruthless efficiency. His disdain for the African Bar was a blot on his legacy. Fare thee well, ‘Duke of Kabeteshire’. His contact is [email protected]


 Tribute • Charles Njonjo deserves glowing tribute for having served a long stint as the Attorney-General, says Alnashir Walji. “He was well versed in legal matters and played a pivotal role in politics. He was always conspicuous in his pin-striped suits. At the outset, he made more friends than enemies. A patriot, he carved a niche in Kenya’s annals. He was charismatic!” His contact is [email protected]


Verbosity • In death notices in newspapers, relatives usually give out unnecessary information, says Carol Maina. A notable one is listing relatives living in the US and the European countries. “I’ve never seen poor countries mentioned. I believe that is why the mention of a person as coming from Githurai, Nairobi, trended as his family was well to do.” Her contact is [email protected]


Super car • His dream of swimming in the Indian and Atlantic oceans after driving through the Congo rainforest is valid, says X. N. Iraki. “The super car SSC Tuatara reached a record speed of 505kph in 2020. It can take nine hours to cover the 4,500km journey.” His Yaris (Vitz) RS can’t do it but he’s not ruling out ownership of a super car in future. His contact is [email protected].


Muthoga • In the 1970s and ’80s right into the ’90s, Mwangi Karuga recalls, one of the most prominent lawyers was Lee Muthoga. “His most memorable activity was when he served as the lead counsel in the Njonjo Commission of Inquiry, into former Attorney-General and Cabinet minister Charles Njonjo, in 1983. We no longer hear of him. Where is he?” His contact is [email protected].

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