BBI constitutional change: Will Raila win this time?

ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

Winning side • One politician who “has stood out on the right side when it comes to constitutional change is Raila Odinga”, remarks Stephen Masambu. “In 1990-91, his group led the clamour for multipartyism and had the last laugh. In 2005, he opposed change and his side won. In 2010, he was for change, and again won. Come the BBI, will he keep winning?” His contact is


Water wastage • A public-spirited Patrick Korir is pained that clean water has been flowing to waste at Madaraka Estate, near Strathmore University, for weeks and hopes Nairobi Water Company will promptly fix it. The technicians should rush to, especially, the Green Court and junction of Keri/Ole Sangale roads. “Kindly stop this,” pleads Patrick. His contact is


Bad bump • Just after Masimba Township on the Mombasa-Nairobi highway, Njeri Mugo laments, “there is a very nasty unmarked road bump”. This dangerous spot is right on Masimba River. “Motorists have to brake sharply on the bump, even as others are forced to go right over it at full speed. KeNHA should have it clearly marked as it could be a disaster in waiting.” Her contact is


Food forever • The owner of Mombasa Cement Company, Martin Wahome notes, is “perhaps the most philanthropic man alive, feeding thousands of poor families daily in various centres”. However, Martin respectfully disagrees with his approach. “It would be better to enable them to earn a living by doing simple jobs or making things,” saysMartin, whose contact is


‘Jerusalema’ • The new South African song, Jerusalema, has taken the world by storm with its associated dance, remarks university don X.N, Iraki. “Even President Cyril Ramaphosa has been urging us to take the steps. It’s a good distraction from Covid-19 and a clever marketing tool. Can our musicians give us our own to cheer us out of Covid-19?” His contact is

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