$150m needed to vaccinate 35 million Kenyans against Covid-19

Dr Mwangangi said that Kenya will heavily lean on the Astrazeneca vaccine due to its adaptability to the current cold storage systems in the country.

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Vaccine • To eliminate Covid-19, $150 million should be spent to give 35 million Kenyans the Astra Zeneca vaccine to achieve herd immunity, says Dorothee von Brentano. “The money should be available, especially, if Covid millionaires are made to contribute. It could even be cheaper, given a seropositivity of 40 per cent in the hotspots such as Nairobi and Mombasa.” Her contact dvonbrentano@gmail.com.


Trees • Following Education CS George Magoha’s eloquent advisory that “pupils can learn outside the four walls of the classroom under trees”, Chris Kiriba, himself a former teacher and teacher-trainer, has an idea. Says he: “Schools should ensure social distancing by making use of the nearest forests. For those in Nairobi, Karura and Ngong forests should come in handy.” His contact is chriskiriba14@gmail.com.


Bad roads • Some roads in Gisambai Ward in Vihiga County, which were constructed less than five months ago, are already falling apart, Alex Kiptanui reports. He singles out the Galona-Kapsanyi road, which he claims, is in an appalling state of disrepair despite having gobbled up a huge allocation of public funds. “Who will stop this wastage of public funds?” poses Alex, whose contact is alexkiptanui@gmail.com.


Fuelling • Are motorcyclists discriminated against at petrol stations in Nairobi? An encounter he had on Mombasa Road, David Motari says confirms this. “The staff were only too willing to fuel cars even with little amounts but reluctant to serve motorcyclists. I was told some pumps are for cars. Dejected, I rode away. Even we are doing business, however, little!” His contact is dmots2005@yahoo.com.


Hope • After reflecting deeply on the serious challenges and tribulations facing Kenyans as they try to find their footing in the brand New Year, Paul Maina says the real solution lies in maintaining hope. “Hope is what is required but the main problem is who will instil that hope. Let’s hope that we will learn to wait for the good things to come,” declares Paul. His contact is pmaina397@gmail.com.                               

Have a hopeful day, won’t you!


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