Words that get you thinking.
  1. Yossi Abadi: Time for food independence in Africa is now

    A strong agricultural sector should be the foundation of a healthy economy

  2. Gladys Boss Shollei: Stop the arbitrary arrests

    The era of misusing the police and courts as enforcers of executive whims is long gone.

  3. Zablon Kerima: Get funds to step up Aids fight effort

    The yardstick of success in the fight against HIV is solely the lives saved through prevention.

  4. Mumina Bonaya: Ensure every child gets back to school upon reopening

    During the closure, so much has happened to the children that we expect back to school.

  5. Siddharth Chatterjee & Walid Badawl : Peace is our North Star

    Today, peace is not just the absence of conflict but a key prerequisite for development.

  6. Michael Mugwang'a: Kenyans’ acts of heroism are the hallmark of Westgate terrorist raid

    Kenyans’ response to the Westgate Mall terrorist attack almost overshadowed the loss from the heinous act.

  7. Pascal Mwandambo: Return Kenyan artifacts stolen by colonialists

    They included 19 items reportedly removed from the tomb of the legendary Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

  8. Eric Mukoya: Parties are the missing link in anti-graft war

    We must consistently condemn acts of corruption, no matter the culprit.

  9. Adan Keynan: KMC takeover by military gives hope to the farmers

    Sectors like livestock, farming and fishing should never be left entirely to market forces.

  10. Ohaga Ohaga: Kenyans must protect media freedom now more than ever

    Citizens cannot leave such an important responsibility on the shoulders of just a few organisations mandated to protect the media.