Let us rejuvenate 4-K Club

MEDA-F tree nursery

A tree nursery. The revival of the 4-K club heralds a new era of agricultural empowerment.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Agriculture is the bedrock of our society, fuelling economies and nourishing communities. To invigorate the sector and empower the youth, there is a pressing need to revitalise the 4-K Club.

The 4-K Club has a rich heritage in Kenya. Established in 1962 on inspiration from the American 4-H model, the 4-K Club aims at fostering agricultural proficiency among the youth.

The 4-K Club’s essence lies in its mission to nurture young Kenyans’ talents and skills while empowering them with agricultural know-how, life skills and a deep sense of responsibility. Through practical education and hands-on experience, it aspires to cultivate leaders capable of revolutionising agriculture.

The acronym ‘4-K’ represents the core principles that underpin its philosophy: “Kuungana, Kufanya, Kusaidia Kenya (To unite, act and support Kenya)”.

This philosophy embodies a holistic approach that encourages youth to come together, actively engage in practical activities, support their communities and foster a culture of continuous learning.

The transformative platform offers youth opportunities to gain practical knowledge, develop life skills and actively contribute to the farm sector’s growth.

In the endeavour to revitalise the agricultural sector and tap into the potential of a burgeoning youth population, reintroducing the 4-K Club emerges as a pivotal strategy.

By nurturing a generation of agriculturally astute and socially responsible young individuals, the programme fortifies the nation’s food security and fosters leadership, entrepreneurship and community engagement among the youth.

The revival of this initiative heralds a new era of agricultural empowerment, offering the youth a platform to cultivate their talents and contribute meaningfully to the nation’s progress.

- Mr Kasina is a development communication specialist. [email protected].