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A classroom. The first purpose of education in Kenya is to enable the person who has gone through it to be able to use their hands, eyes and mind properly.

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Today is the 2022 International Day of Education, as proclaimed by Unesco. Its theme, “Changing course, transforming education”, is in line with some of the recommendations agreed upon by stakeholders and the UN as ways of reviving the standards of education, which has suffered a great deal as a result of Covid-19.

Many parts of the world have had to slow down their education activities; hence, there is a need to revive and make it to go back on course. Education is a must, even in times of such disasters as the pandemic. It is through it that we continue learning about the prevalence, prevention and cures for the virus. It ensures communities have the right information on health options, enabling them to have healthy outcomes and, hence, more productive.

The first purpose of education in Kenya, according to the ‘Ominde report’ on education of 1964, is to enable the person who has gone through it to be able to use their hands, eyes and mind properly.

This is intended to completely change the person and, as such, the world. This agrees with Nelson Mandela’s observation that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

The second is to produce the next generation of people that will solve societal challenges. Challenges resulting from climate change, global warming, epidemics and insecurity will require critical thinking, hence education, to address.

The third is to support the complete development of young people through inculcating positive ethnic identity. This is done through ensuring that education activities have interactions with persons from different ethnic backgrounds, which improves and understanding of such ethnicities. They are able to understand the strengths and uniqueness of others, which is important in national building.

This again agrees with Mandela’s remark: “Young people must take it upon themselves to ensure that they receive the highest education possible so that they can represent us well in future as leaders.”

Dr Giti (PhD) is an urban planner. [email protected] @danielgiti


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