Carry own degree cross

Graduates at the University of Nairobi.

Graduates during a recent graduation ceremony at the University of Nairobi. Attending university is a process, not an event. Any aspiring politician should prepare for it early enough.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

The latest trending topic in the country is the questionable academic credentials of political leaders. That some of them have cultivated outstanding leadership in their various fronts is such an ironic twist of sorts.

How much more ironic can it get when some of them have been the best debaters in Parliament and very visible accomplished political strategists?

Every passing day has seen the fiasco darken and slant into personal attacks which run over into both sides of the political divide. Once one is pointed out as lacking academic qualifications, their opponents come out pointing fingers. That’s even before the IEBC or other agency mandated to conduct the verification and due diligence finish their job.

Aren’t they the same politicians who raised the education bar? Why should it take one more than a decade (two consecutive election cycles) to obtain a qualification that barely take three years?

Attending university is a process, not an event. Any aspiring politician should prepare for it early enough. It takes moderated CATs, assignments and main exams, coupled with industrial attachment, to obtain an undergraduate university degree.

No place for shortcuts

Clearly, there’s no place for shortcuts to graduation. It’s pointless for one to show up with transcripts which only prove partial course attendance.

Fully chattered colleges and universities abound, most of them renowned for their efficient service delivery. This is the Information Age, when one can attend class on the move, intermittently or basically at their convenience. Covid-19 had virtually all tertiary institutions embrace virtual learning.

It is ridiculous that anybody can be so casual in failing to meet otherwise fairly achievable minimums. Not having completed a course or, much worse, never having a lecture at all is a personal problem. Individuals must carry their cross.

Mr Moturi is an educationist and ICT specialist. [email protected]


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