Mwaure Waihiga: I’m shepherd leader you need

David Mwaure

Agano Party presidential candidate David Mwaure during a campaign rally in Meru town on July 29, 2022.

Photo credit: David Muchui | Nation Media Group

On December 12, 1963, we, the nation of Kenya, gained our independence from colonialists. But 59 years after independence, the Kenyan dream remains a mirage.

In the last five years, Kenyans have lost to corruption about Sh10 trillion. This is enough to pay the Chinese loans. This in 10 years translates to Sh20 trillion.

How else did we get here? A lot of Kenya’s wealth is stashed abroad. More than Sh15 trillion is in foreign banks. This again is twice the foreign or Chinese loan of Sh8.2 trillion. The amount exceeds Kenya’s annual budget of Sh3.3 trillion by almost 10 times.

In the past years our competitors have been in power, we have had mega scandals that involve  Kenya Medical Supplies Authority, National Youth Service, standard gauge railway, Goldenberg, Eurobond, Triton, cemetery, Anglo-leasing, Afya House, Chickengate, fighter jets, cereals board, Grand Regency, Turkwell power station, navy ship, Mahindra, maize, Japan Embassy scandal, helicopter servicing contract, hustlers jet, Ruaraka land and laptop tender. The list is long.

The Bible, and other books, refer to a leader of a nation as a shepherd. In Psalms 78:72, it is recorded that David shepherded the nation of Israel with integrity of heart and skilful hands. Instead of shepherd leaders, we have had wolf leaders and they now want to recycle themselves.

Beyond that, I believe you, dear voter, stands a finer chance of finally seeing your dreams for Kenya come true. Less bureaucracy; no corruption and more money in your pocket.

I have been asked whether I have enough experience to lead this country. At the presidential debate, I stated that those who have had experience to lead this country have not proven that this experience is worth having.

They have promised us many things and been in positions to make those promises come true. They are now asking for five more years to do the things that they have been promising to do for us for 10 years.

I strongly believe that leadership is about matching best opportunities with the best resources. Whether these resources are our people or our money, finding the right stewards will yield the best results for our opportunities.

As we go to the polls on Tuesday, my question to you, dear voter is, “Will you vote for me, or will you vote for one more chance to see your dreams crumble to dust?” This is our time. Your vote will make a difference if you vote for the best candidate on your ballot. I hope that you will believe in me enough to take a chance for your country and for your children.

The writer is the presidential candidate of the Agano Party.