Likoni is a disaster-in-waiting

PHOTO | GIDEON MAUNDU A partially sub-merged lorry at the Likoni ferry crossing on January 27 2013. The truck killed at least four and injured many more others after its brakes failed at the steep incline on the mainland side of the crossing.

What you need to know:

  • For pedestrians, the ferry is a tightly corralled nightmare. There is jostling and groping. Hacking coughs, sweaty palms... and you are all armpit-to-nostril. The holding pens for pedestrians always have a preacher whose sermons are tailored to last just long enough until the next ferry approaches. Yep, your 15 minutes of salvation

A lorry at the Likoni ferry crossing recently went out of control and ploughed into a crowd, killing several people and injuring dozens more. The descent to the ramp on the mainland side of the crossing is particularly steep, and there are no barriers for vehicles. An ordinary barrier probably would not do. They would need one that can stop a large lorry that has lost its brakes, but such a barrier would take time to move into and out of place, slowing down traffic.


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