Help! I always faint in the loo every time I have diarrhoea

When you are passing frequent watery stools, the body looses a lot of water and electrolytes, leading to dehydration. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH

Dr Flo,

When I get a stomach infection and start passing watery stool, I usually faint in the toilet. What could be the reason? I am 61 years old.

Dear Abwao,

When you are passing frequent watery stools, the body looses a lot of water and electrolytes, leading to dehydration. This can cause the fainting and is remedied by taking a lot of water and other fluids. If the infection spreads to the rest of the body, the illness can also make you weak and cause you to faint. At your age, you can also collapse in the toilet due to a heart problem. Any time you have a fainting episode, it is advisable to be reviewed by a doctor so that the exact cause is identified and corrected. You need to be evaluated for heart problems, anaemia (low blood level), diabetes, hypertension and complications that can arise from dehydration like kidney failure and electrolyte imbalances.

Dr Flo,

I'm 45 years old and l have had rashes on my forehead and chest for a long time. The rashes are painless, but ugly. What might be the cause of this? What is the remedy?


Dear Mike,

The recurrent pimples on the face could be due to many causes, but the most common is acne. The pimples develop due to a combination of factors, which include hormonal changes (increased testosterone levels), infection and the amount of natural oily substance (sebum) produced by your skin. The pimples develop when hair follicles are blocked by sebum and dead cells. It is common during adolescence. The biggest problem with acne is aesthetic — how you look. The resulting pimples, white heads, black marks or scars are not pleasing to look at.
To manage acne, clean your face twice a day: in the morning, and in the evening before bed and shower after activities that make you sweat a lot. Use mild soap and a gentle towel. Do not scrub your face too much while cleaning it, since it is already sensitive. Take lots of water, and fruits and vegetables, and also exercise. Avoid skin products that are may be harsh to your skin and protect your skin from the sun. Avoid pressing the pimples as this results in black marks. Visit a dermatologist for advise on medications you can use to control the pimples. For many people, it takes a while before you get medication that works for you specifically, so be patient.

Dr Flo,

My penis is itchy and I have some rashes on my body. From your explanation, I feel its scabies. The itchy part is the head of the penis. Help me, please.


Dear JB,

Scabies is caused by a very small bug called the human itch mite. It gets into the top layer of the skin to live, feed and lay eggs. It burrows under the skin, producing thin lines. When the skin reacts to the bug, an itchy rash develops.
It is very infectious because the mite can travel from person to another or from clothes, beddings or furniture. When the mite is deposited on a surface or clothing, it can survive for three to four days without being on a human. It can affect anybody, regardless of income level, race or level of cleanliness.
The mites like to burrow in the skin between the fingers, around the nails, at the wrists and elbows and on skin that is usually covered by jewellery or clothing. It can take a few days to several weeks to develop the itchy rash after infection. Itching occurs mostly at night, and many people develop a rash. This rash looks like many bumps forming a line. You may get patches of scaly skin or develop thick crusts. Scratching a lot can cause sores or wounds, which can then get a bacterial infection.
Scabies should be managed by a skin specialist (dermatologist). It can be diagnosed from examination and also from identifying the mite and/or the eggs from a skin scrapping, under a microscope. Different medications can be used like 5 per cent permethrin cream, 1 per cent crotamiton cream, 25 per cent benzyl benzoate lotion, 5-10 per cent sulphur ointment and 1 per cent lindane lotion. For most of the medication, you apply the medicine just before going to bed and wash it off in the morning. Take a bath before, then massage the medication onto clean dry skin and let it stay for eight to 14 hours then wash it off. Apply the medication on all skin from the neck and below, including between the fingers and toes, and under the nails. The treatment can be repeated after a week. Sometimes, oral medication (ivermectin) may be prescribed in addition. Other medication that may be used includes antihistamines or steroids to relieve the itching and antibiotics to clear any additional bacterial infection. Other people who have been exposed should also be treated even if they do not have the symptoms yet because it is very contagious.
In addition, you need to clean all your clothes, towels and beddings with hot water then dry in the sun or in a dryer. Another option is to put all your clothing and beddings in a plastic bag and tie it tight for a week then clean them. The furniture and carpets also need to be cleaned and/or vacuumed.
The rash on your body and on the penis could be due to a skin infection (for example, scabies, fungal infection among others) or an inflammatory condition. For an accurate diagnosis, it is best if you are seen by a doctor for examination, relevant tests and treatment.

Dr Flo

I have started using MK Essential Enlargement Penis Oil to enlarge my manhood. Does this oil work and is it safe to use when your wife is pregnant?


Dear George,

The oils cannot enlarge your manhood. Medically, this can only be done by surgery, vacuum devices or prosthetic devices. Because these oils are not regulated, you may not know all their ingredients and the quantities. Some of them have some ingredients (for example Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, citrulline and L-arginine) that may help with sexual arousal and make erections firmer, and L-carnitine can help improve your sperm count. Some other ingredients can have side effects such as dizziness and nausea, they can affect your mental health, or increase cancer risk. Your partner is exposed to the oil, just as you are. Either of you can experience the side effects or have an allergic reaction to the oil.

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