KWS suspends visits to Hell's Gate gorges

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has suspended visits to gorges at the Hell's Gate National Park after tourists were swept away by flash floods on Sunday.

Two bodies of the six tourists who drowned in the Hell’s Gate have been recovered.

A statement by KWS said: “The gorges will remain out of bounds during the rainy season.”

The KWS said victims included five Kenyan tourists, a local guide and a non-resident.

It further announced that a helicopter will be released from Nairobi to help with the search and rescue operation.

Rift Valley Regional Police Commander Marcus Ochola said police officers and KWS personnel had been sent to the gorges for rescue and recovery.

The Incident occurred inside Olnjorowa gorge.

At least 13 tourists were on an excursion inside the gorge when flash floods swept them away.