Omanga lashes out at Elachi over firing of city Jubilee MCA

Ms Habiba Hussein who lost her seat as a nominated Nairobi Jubilee MCA. Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has defended Ms Hussein, she she has been indisposed for two years. PHOTO | COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • Ms Omanga says Ms Hussein has failed to show up at work after being indisposed for two years.
  • She says Ms Hussein had been ailing and has been in and out of hospital after the loss of her baby.
  • Ms Elachi declared the seat vacant, leaving the Jubilee Party with 65 members.

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has come out to defend a Nairobi Jubilee MCA who lost her seat on Tuesday due to absenteeism.

Nairobi County Speaker Beatrice Elachi on Tuesday declared nominated MCA Habiba Hussein’s seat vacant for missing plenary and committee sittings for two years.

But, in a statement, Ms Omanga said that Ms Hussein had failed to show up to work after being indisposed for two years following the death of her baby who was born with a heart condition, a birth that left her with complications.


She attached pictures of the baby, the burial and medical documents from The Nairobi Hospital as evidence of her claims.

Ms Omanga criticised Speaker Elachi and Kitisuru MCA Alvin Palala for making fun of the tragedy that had befallen their colleague.

“I am deeply shocked and saddened by media reports of the Speaker [of] Nairobi City County Assembly and Hon Alvin Palapala, [an] MCA accused of diverting bursary funds meant for needy students to a private company, making fun of a tragic situation that has befallen a fellow woman and one of their colleagues, Hon Habiba Hussein,” the statement read.


The senator said that it was unfortunate that some people can go to certain lengths “just to earn some cheap political mileage out of a tragedy”.

According to the nominated Senator, Ms Hussein had been ailing and has been in and out of hospital after the loss of her baby.

She explained that the youthful MCA had a complicated pregnancy, but on November 21, 2018, delivered a baby girl through a Caesarean section.

“Unfortunately the baby was born with heart complications that are suspected to have arisen from the treatment the mother was undergoing during the pregnancy,” the senator said.

“Since Habiba could not undergo intense scanning which involved radiology during the pregnancy, she was put under medication for ulcers for most of the pregnancy duration, while that was not what she was suffering from.”

According to Ms Omanga, the baby’s condition worsened and she died on November 21, 2018.


“The death of Baby Shadia only aggravated the illness of Hon Habiba and, after the loss of her baby, Habiba has been admitted to hospital severally (sic), with the first time being barely four months after delivery,” she said.

According to the lawmaker, Ms Hussein has been in hospital as recently as last month undergoing treatment and surgeries.

The Senator further expressed her disappointment with Ms Elachi for “allowing inhumane statements to be made on the floor of the House”.

“That is why, for me, it is beyond comprehension how Hon Beatrice Elachi, the Nairobi City County Assembly Speaker and a fellow woman, allowed such a reckless and irresponsible statement to be made on the floor of the House, without a bother to demand authentication of the wild claims that were made. To me, on this particular issue, she comes off as the classic example of women being the worst enemies of their fellow women, and she owes the women of Kenya an apology,” Ms Omanga charged.


Ms Hussein’s ouster came after the assembly adopted a report by the powers and privileges committee investigating allegations of absenteeism from plenary sittings by members.

The report, tabled by Githurai MCA Naftali Mathenge, indicated that the nominated MCA had failed to attend any House session as well as committee sittings for two years since being sworn in in late 2017.

Standing Order 242 (1) of the Nairobi County Assembly explains how the seat of an MCA can be declared vacant by the Speaker if one fails to attend plenary sittings after investigations by the powers and privileges committee.

Ms Elachi declared the seat vacant, leaving the Jubilee Party with 65 members.

“The Secretary-General of the Jubilee Party is aware of the position,” said Ms Elachi.