Apart from football, 22Bet offers a variety of sports to bet on during pandemic

It has been weeks since sports bettors have had the majority of their traditional sports to bet on. Now as we are in May, the end of the sports hiatus is nearing as Bundesliga is back and other leagues are preparing to return. 

For those who are still looking to get their fix on betting, international sports betting brand 22Bet with their bet mobile app are offering a look into the betting offers available right now.

Table Tennis

One silver lining in the current sports hiatus is that we get a chance to watch sports we wouldn’t typically pay much attention to, like table tennis. Whether you like to call it table tennis or ping pong, you have your choice of a couple of Eastern European and Russian leagues to place your bets. You can find betting options for table tennis on DraftKings Sportsbook.


The most popular sport in the world is still “kicking” at some places across the globe. Obviously, the Bundesliga has resumed behind closed doors and the money line odds are glowing with diversity. 

The only league that has been thriving during the whole pandemic was The Belarus Premier League. You can find plenty of betting options for Belarussian soccer on whatever 22Bet version you like. 


Belarus must be the land of the immune because they appear to be the only hockey league on the planet that is still having games. You can find some lines now and then on 22Bet sportsbook for some Belarussian hockey.


Chinese basketball leagues, as well as some other Asian leagues, were expected to get going here sometime soon but it appears those leagues have extended their break. One league that seems to still be ready to go is the Chinese Taipei League. You can find betting lines for Chinese Taipei basketball on DraftKings.


eSports was probably one of the few major sport categories that didn’t need major shut down. A number of eSports events have been postponed or cancelled, however, but there are still some leagues and tournaments still going. In the United States, Nevada recently approved betting on eSports temporarily during a specific gaming league.