Somalia approves NISA Bill after 53 years

Somalia intelligence boss Mahad Mohamed Salad

Somalia intelligence boss Mahad Mohamed Salad. Somalia has approved a Bill meant to guide the activities of National Intelligence and Security Agency of Somalia,

Somalia has officially approved the Bill of the National Intelligence and Security Agency of Somalia, NISA, after 53 years of its establishment.

This Bill meant to guide the activities of security services that the agency provides was approved by Members of the Parliament of the Federal Parliament of Somalia on February 7, 2023.

Before this law, the various sections of the Somali community considered NISA as the highest authority in the country, with absolutely no limitations and no accountability, as it was accused of committing acts of extreme violence away from humanity and human rights law.

It consists of 7 Chapters and 52 articles that are important for the work and management of the Agency. It is based on the protection of the security and interests of the Somali Nation, and at the same will not violate the rights, dignity and security of the Somali citizens.

The Bill is protective of the various sectors of social affairs, human rights and the maintenance of cooperation between the various branches of the country's security, while the law stipulates that the Agency has a higher authority and can be held accountable if the Agency uses powers beyond what the law allows.

Number of politicians, government officials and employees, both current and former, have praised the action and law-abiding National Intelligence Agency since Mahad Salad was appointed as the head of the agency bearing in mind, the many erratic actions that NISA has been accused of executing under its previous leaderships.

It comes at a time Somalia is bringing together its neighbours for a joint affront on the war against terrorism, and specifically terrorist group Al-Shabaab.

Last week, Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud hosted his colleagues William Ruto (Kenya), Ismail Omar Guelleh (Djibouti), and Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, in Mogadishu for a meet dubbed Somalia Frontline States Summit on regional efforts towards stabilisation of Somalia and eradication of terrorism.

At the meeting, President Ruto stressed that the war against terrorism in the Horn of Africa calls for a collective effort.

He noted that the region must adopt a common strategy for combating terrorism and the associated criminality and said through common endeavour, leaders have the power to rebuild stable societies and secure the people’s well-being.

“We must dismantle terror networks and financial support infrastructure; this must be complemented by countering radicalisation and the propagation of extremism,” said President Ruto.

During the Summit, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia agreed to join forces in restoring peace and stability in the Al-Shabaab-prone areas of Somalia.

The Heads of State also agreed to rebuild and modernise Somalia’s security forces to ensure they are well prepared to contain the Al-Shabaab.

They lauded the National Consultative Council of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States for together to confront terrorism in the country.