Gloria Muliro: People don't understand me

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  • Gloria Muliro is one of the most celebrated gospel musicians in the country today, but why is there so much controversy surrounding her? She speaks about it with JOHN MUCHIRI.

Do you think you are as controversial as people say you are?

I don’t think I’m controversial at all. I think people just don’t understand me.

Why do you think you are misunderstood?

Because people rush to judge first before getting the facts, which is very sad.

Okay, let’s go to the facts. Why did ‘Sitolia’ with Willy Paul, cause so much controversy?

I know it did, but I call it the work of the devil, since the song was doing very well and blessed so many people.

So, when Willy Paul say that you registered the song under your name to pocket all the revenue that was part of the devil’s work?

Yes, because it is not true. He is getting royalties when the song is downloaded as a ringback tune or a ringtone. We co-own the song, so I cannot pocket all the cash.

So why did he complain for such a long time?

Like I said, I’m highly misunderstood.

Okay, make us understand why you are accused of stealing the song ‘Follow You’ by American singer Chris Tomlin word by word.

Let me make it very clear. My music is inspired by the Bible. The words in ‘Follow Me’ are in the book of Ruth 1:16. Check and you will see. If today I preach the sermon from John 3:16, that will not prevent somebody else to preach the same verse in Russia. We are all guided and inspired by the same Bible.

So why would people think that you stole the song, in your opinion?

People are just jealous of my success.

How does that make you feel?

These challenges make me learn a lot of things in this industry, but at the end of the day, they make me stronger in every thing that I do.

When did you kick off your music career and was it smooth?

I grew up in a musical family but officially released my first album in 2005. It wasn’t very smooth because it was hard to do high quality production due to financial constraints.

But you could sing well as you grew up?

Not really. I was this quiet girl in church. I remember one day there was nobody to lead the worship service and everyone looked at me. I sang very terribly and became a laughing stock in church.

How did you overcome that?

I prayed to God and one day I shocked everyone in church, in the late 1990s. I sang better than everyone else in church. The pastor encouraged me to record and I finally made the step.

How many albums do you have now?

Three are out and I’m about to release the fourth one this April.

You are married?

Yes, to a very wonderful husband, Pastor Eric Omba. We got married in 2010.

Where did you meet and do you have any children yet?

I went to perform in the church he used to go to, so we started dating and later got married. We don’t have children yet but plans are under way.

Does your husband own a church?

Yes, we have the Omba Ministries, where our root church is Nairobi Pentecostal Church. We have a church based in Kayole.

Is there anything else that you do other than music?

Not at the moment, I am just concentrating in ministering through my music. I’m a trained teacher but I quit that job when I got married, just to concentrate on music.

What role does your husband play in your music career?

He is my manager and marketer. Ever since he came into my life, things have been so easy for me as far as my music career is concerned.

What’s your long term goal?

I want to help younger musicians grow. I understand the frustrations upcoming musicians go through because I once was there, so it will be my project to bridge that gap for them.

What disappoints you the most in this gospel music industry?

I will stick to one point; being misunderstood.

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